Provide knowledge on:

1) Molecular principles underlying NGS technologies and possible research and clinical applications: Students will be educated on the major steps in the NGS workflow, from the wet lab, through “on instrument” processing and to analysis and management of raw and processed data.
2) NGS analytical pipelines and data interpretation: It is designed to supply theoretical and practical knowledge about the analysis of NGS datasets. Students will learn the ability to interpret results from NGS and to prioritize findings based on equality, statistical considerations and biological meaningfulness.
By the end of the course, students will be able to understand the molecular basis of NGS, have a detailed vision on NGS applications and opportunities in Medicine, apply practical skills on data analysis, transform the outputs from the NGS platforms into biologically meaningful datasets, interpret NGS data, identify in silico genomics and bioinformatics tools for post-analytical data interpretation, and extract, score, sort and filter NGS findings based on technical quality, biological priority, potential pathogenicity and statistical considerations. At the end, they will be able to design NGS based approaches for clinical research and applications.

NEMHESYS – NGS Establishment in Multidisciplinary Healthcare Education System