Mnemotixis a French high-tech Cooperative promoting and managing the use and integration of semantic technologies in corporate information systems. Spin-off of the French national research institute in computer science (INRIA), since its beginning in 2013, Mnemotix has been developing software solutions that ease the tasks of extracting, structuring and sharing knowledge inside communities. Mnemotix is now offering a modular and customized software suite (called Synaptix) dedicated to enrich Data Management for any organization or online community.

Mnemotix’s R&D culture is one of its key factors of success: they collaborate with research laboratories (such as Wimmics/INRIA), searching to extract cutting edge research prototypes to transfer them into industry standards. The team at Mnemotix is currently working on custom platforms that mix documentary and knowledge engineering in the domain of culture, art and research.

Nowadays, we have three main activities:

– Consultancy to support companies in the integration of semantic technologies in their software architectures.
– Development and integration of technological open-source components or internally developed as part of our R&D activities.
– These developments are pooled in a common core software ecosystem called, Synaptix, whose aim is to facilitate, at a lower cost for businesses, the composition of software solutions such as middleware for the technical integration of analytical value- added services in infrastructure of our clients, Maintenance and Cloud service hosting of the developed solutions.



NEMHESYS – NGS Establishment in Multidisciplinary Healthcare Education System