NGS requires very specific knowledge profiles and, therefore, the people who can implement this technology are very scarce, especially since they have to be able to not only observe the different complexities of the NGS projects but also interpret the findings in relation to clinical problems in a real application environment, transforming information into advice, recommendations or knowledge so decisions can be made in clinical management.


To develop and innovative, demand driven Master class, in order to provide qualified personnel/scientists, interested and/or working in the biomedical field, with the essential technical and bioinformatic knowledge and skills on next generation sequencing (NGS), in order to be able to carry out NGS studies and perform some of the most common types of analyses.


Moving towards the role of NGS in the paradigm of personalized medicine, selecting the most effective clinical management medication for individual patients based on whole-genome-scale sequencing as a platform to identify genetic variants, breaking down the barriers and risks for the implementation of NGS healthcare systems.


Training of professionals/scientists on technical fundamentals and practical applications of next generation sequencing, for the correct generation, management and analysis of NGS data, granting them experience in the analysis of real world human NGS data sets. Nemhesys will add a purely clinical approach and highlight the particularities of the use of NGS in haematological pathologies.

NEMHESYS – NGS Establishment in Multidisciplinary Healthcare Education System